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Specimen: Stilbite var. Zeolite

Location, Maharashtra, India

Element: Earth

Influence: Clear thinking, Expension of idea, Inner peace, Stability, etc.

Let us give you some history of the location and also more information on this specimen. To the right of Mumbai is a well know minerals rich location call Maharashtra. It is also know as the Deccan Taps.

The Mining Area.

Since the 1970s, the state of Maharashtra in India has provided an abundant supply of zeolites and other minerals that have come out of the enormous lava flows called the Deccan Traps. The traps are arguably the largest volcanic feature on the earth. They consist of hundreds of layers of flood basalt over 6,500 feet thick, which cover almost 200,000 square miles - larger than the state of California. Basalt quarries in this region produce hundreds of tons of mineral specimens every year, creating a glut that keeps the price for most of these pieces amazingly low. Zeolites are a popular group of minerals to collect because they are so beautiful and because they contain such diversity in color, crystal form and rarity (some are very common and inexpensive to collect and some are rare, costly, and a pleasure to finally own). Most all the specimens come from basalt quarries which provide material for the building boom that has gone on in central India for the last 40 years. Others are found when wells are dug and when construction projects for buildings and roads require blasting.

Stilbite Varieties of Zeolite (also know as the Bow-Tie of India)

Stilbite normally forms nice crystals inside the petrified bubbles (called vesicles) of volcanic rocks that have undergone a small amount of metamorphism. Stilbite is perhaps the most popular zeolite mineral for collectors. Stilbite crystals can aggregate together to form a structure resembling wheat sheaves. This hourglass or bow tie structure looks like several crystals stacked parallel to each other with the tops and bottoms of this structure fanning out while the middle remains thin. Stilbite's hallmark crystal habit is unique to stilbite and a rarer but related zeolite called stellerite. Whether in the wheat sheaves or not, stilbite can be a handsome specimen with its pearly luster and often available is few shade of tints. Stilbite's structure contains rings of aluminosilicate tetrahedrons oriented in one direction and this produces the prominent pinacoid faces, the perfect cleavage and the unique luster on those faces.

Now with some extra information given to you. We hope you enjoy the collection that sit nicely on a custom made stand. 

Size: 10.5 x 6 x 15 cm