1). Q. Can the item purchased from your site be returned?

     A. No.

2). Q. Can a refund be made if the item purchased is not to my liking/not what I wanted?

     A. No. for this reason we advice and encourage you to message us with all your  enquires before making any purchases.

3). Q. Do you accept trade-in?

     A. No. We only sell what we get direct from miner or supplier.

4). Q. Are the pictures posted on your site enhanced in any way or form?

     A. No.

5). Q. Do you sell any created or synthetic gemstones?

     A. No. All our gemstones are all genuine yet may be enhance by heat treatment, which we will inform you.

6). Q. How long will it take for you to deliver the order or purchase made from your website?

      A. We encourage self collection, and we do not advise you to buy online from us. it is best to email us and come in person to view our product.


7). Q. Do you provide making/setting services for rings, pendants or earrings?

     A. Yes we do made-to-order, in yellow or white gold for rings, pendants or earrings. We accept your design and will put our utmost skills to meet your requirement and to your satisfaction.

8). Q. What are your terms and conditions of sale?

     A. Our terms and conditions are clearly stated and is all mentioned in the purchasing process of our products. 


9). Q. What are the Numerology and Astrology gemstones about? How will I know what the number represent?

       A. Numerology is a pseudoscience method of working with numbers while astrology are mainly base on traditional india doctrine base of the movement of the stars. 

Our methods, technique and knowledge have been passed down generation after generation.  We are proud to be the third generation and have been practising this for the last 30 years; always meeting our clients' requirements. We do not use commercial or reference books on this subject. It is best to make an appointment either with us or any qualified professional in regard of this..

11). Q. Do you accept Oversea Purchase and will you parcel it oversea out of Singapore.

       A. No. We do not accept oversea purchase and we do not export or parcel our product out of Singapore. 

12). Q. How do we make an appointment for Numerology Consultation?

      A. Either drop us a mail of book it online.

13). Q. Where are we base?

       A. Singapore

14). Q. Will the company reject purchase made after payment?

       A. Yes, the company have the right to reject, depending on the circumstances and not refund the payment of deposit made.       

15). What are the main product that your company selling?

      A. We sell mainly minerals and crystal for the purpose of feng shui , vastu or astrology enhancement. Crystal healer tools and also mineral and crystal for healing purposes.

 15) Send us a message with your question.

This page will be updated when more questions arised.