Customers Feedback:

Here are some of our customers feedback: 

From SLK Zara.

I have been a customer with Babaa Farid Gems for many years. Mr Lalii's skills and knowledge in gemological and mineralogical are truly phenomenal. His wisdom in numerology and matching of gemstone or minerals to each an individual is mind blowing. 

His design for jewellery are simple yet endearing. His minerals products are well displayed and most importantly, his price is reasonable. I had seen changes after using the gemstone from him and more changes after adhering his advice based on numerology. I am a calmer and more focussed person now.

Overall Mr Lalii is an approachable and trusted person.


 From Renuka S Dietsch

I was recommended to Mr Lalii to get my gemstone by an astrologer and I met him in November 2013. Before meeting him I had a few issues, i.e. relationship, family, finance etc. Mr Lalii is a very sincere consultant.He listened attentively and patiently to my matters and recommended me my first gemstone Emerald. His pricing for his gemstone or minerals specimen are very reasonable compare to some others that I have been. He patiently explained the pros of the stone  and how I should care for it.

Since then most of my unsolved issue are now long gone. Now I am in peace and are able to pick myself up on my own. Yet, when some issues arises, I'll always return back to him till date, whatever his advice or "shaking me" will be solely for my benefits and well-doing, this I'm sure.

I would highly and strongly recommend anyone who need to get gemstone or minerals to approach him for his expertise.


 From Mr Deepak

I was very appreciative of Mr Yusof Lalii for his patience and guidance when I queried on the types of gems which were suitable for me. With his deep knowledge, Mr Yusof gave his recommendations on the types of stone / gems that would be suitable for me. Believe it or not, I have experienced the changes after using the stones/gems he had recommended to me.


 From Essa Florenzano

Amazing Emerald!

So happy to have found this site and managed to find an amazing emerald Cat's eye cabochon here! Mr Lalii not only helped to advise on the best setting for my stone but also offered easy and practical advice on how to care for it; he has an incredible knowledge of gems and offered unbiased input on what was suitable for me. Highly recommended and look forward to seeing more unique gems from him!


From Joseph

Life changing!

Well at first I am skeptical on the numerology but decide to take a chance as i do think i will loose anything by following the advice.

What an eye opener, Mr. Lalii is not an adviser but a proofer, he proof and explain why thing have to change to be better and also why there are some thing that we have to avoid. Like some colour that we should not be putting on and  the influence of our calling name. etc.

I will said that you have change my life Mr. Lalii, and from the bottom of my heart I appreciate your advice though you may be stern at time but it is worthy. Thank you Mr. Lalii.