About Us

Babaa Farid G.S.R. Gems and Jeweller was established in 1991. Though we are officially established in 1991, our history in this trade goes beyond 1991. 

Our first generation only dealt with gemstones as a freelancer, followed by our second generation (my beloved father) whom also free-lanced but kept it as a personal pastime profession. I learned a lot from my dad about the uses and functions of gemstones to its wearer. I was sceptical then, but not now. To tell you the truth, I'm in love with this natural beauty. We have our own special Collection, which is not for trade or sale and are happy to display them once we are ready.

Let me humbly share with you how I come into this trade.  Trained as an engineer, I have the privilege to travel around. Once when I was in Bombay (today known as Mumbai), India, I chanced upon a small shop in the Poona Region. The owner who was also a miner, was selling beautiful pieces of raw minerals. I asked him if anyone actually purchase these specimens. His reply was "Only the Europeans and Americans". Short simple answer that boggled my mind....

In the early eighties, where I came from was only a developing country. I cannot envisage anyone who would want to purchase mineral specimens or collecting them. Computer then was a luxury, not to mention the internet. Distance messages were normally done by fax machines, then printed in black and white. I made an impromptu decision to try my hand in this line of business, knowing that we too have the European and American visitors in our Country. I asked many questions about the specimens the man was selling and with that information in hand, I decided to invest in it.

Still keeping the very first piece that caught my eye, a showy cabinet size spray of delicate colourless acicular terminated Mesolite clusters accompanied with fluorapophyllite on Matrix, shown on the main page picture on my Facebook Page and my website (and it will never be for sale!).

Now a pioneer in this line of business, our fourth generation of dealer is coming into play. He is none other than my son who is most of the time at the computer. With his suggestions and encouragement over the past years, we now are venturing into the latest trend of e-commerce way of business.

Our products are all handpicked and is customised with a unique and beautiful stand for most of our mineral specimens. WE CUSTOM-MADE ALL OUR JEWELLERY, RING, EARRING, PENDANT, BRACELET, etc.  We accept client's design and suggestion. Most gemstones are set with diamond or other small setting pieces of colour gemstones except for those that are by the advice of master astrologer or numerologist.

You can be assured that your purchase is one-of-its-kind and newly procured. We do not accept trade-in or exchanged pieces. Our gemstones and mineral specimens, once sold, are not returnable or refundable. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our products and service.

Please note. That we do not do oversea transaction. If you are from out of Singapore sorry you cannot purchase from us. We are not ready to do oversea postage or parcel.

We welcome you to our humble website.  Thank You for taking your time to visit our site and your kind support.

Warmest Regards

M.Y. Lalii



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