Rose Quartz (Tangerose)

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Tangerose Quartz is a rare mineral that is usually salmon or very light peach in color. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because tangerose quartz is the cousin of tangerine quartz and rose quartz.

Unconditional love knows no limits, as Rose Quartz and its energies know all too well. This crystal is not only symbolic of romance, but also the love of family, of one’s career, or even love of life itself. If you’ve been feeling down of late, this influence is very much appreciated!

This stone also encourages the emotions that go had in hand with love, such as kindness and forgiveness. If you are looking to heal differences of opinion, or rifts in otherwise close relationships, this crystal can really help out.

The bead size is 12 mm in diameter, the bracelet consist of 16 beads.