Quartz on Matrix

Quartz on Matrix

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Specimen: Quartz

Location: Pakistan

Influence: Energy Infusion from the higher realms, Divine Love, Angelic , Grounding, etc.

Element: Water

This specimen of Quartz are unclean from its original finding. We wanted it to be as natural as possible. Not everyone will appreciate this as most collector are going for the blink blink look. We managed to get a good bargain for this, that we can offer you at a good deal. 

The crystal carries a frequency that structures and regulates energy. It acts as a hyperspeed portal, so you can imagine the energy-regulating functions of this crystal.

The stone receives full-spectrum light energy and adjusts it until it can be absorbed and utilised by one's physical and energetic systems, depending upon the level of light with which one is capable of resonating.

Specimen accompanied with a beautiful unique customised stand, as a compliments.