Mookaite Jasper

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In reality, mookaite jasper is made up of cryptocrystalline silica and the remains of microscopic creatures called radiolarite. These types of plankton have unique opaline silica as skeletal structures. After being buried under layers of sediment for a long time, the material silicified and thus became the mookaite jasper that people know today.

Mookaite jasper has been used by locals and also now by people around the world because of its benefits. It’s a highly protective stone and a restorative crystal. Healers have used this as an elixir gem as well. Moreover, it’s believed that wearing mookaite jasper protects a person from harmful energy, misfortune, and danger.

This stone is also great for travelers and adventurers. It’s said to warn people of dangers nearby so that one can easily avoid them. You can trust it to guide you away from perilous trails and at the same time instills courage in you.

Bracelet is made with 12mm bead and one accesory.