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The most popular form of Chalcedony, which has a beautiful, almost dreamy quality to its vibration. However, all forms of Chalcedony are nurturing and stabilizing.

Chalcedony is primarily associated with the body’s upper chakras and our ability to think, speak, and communicate with others and the Higher Realms. 

Chalcedony allows you to feel in control of your emotions and safe in expressing your thoughts and opinions. It also brings clarity of mind when you feel overwhelmed by information or pressured by others to act in a certain way. 

Chalcedony is a powerful stone associated with integrity and honesty. It will promote a calm and tranquil atmosphere and revitalize low levels of energy.

As such, Chalcedony is an excellent stone to combat depression and mental exhaustion. It isn’t going to cure depression, but it can make down days a little more bearable and help you to focus on the positives.

Chalcedony bracelet made out of chalcedony and quartz. The chalcedony beads measure 8 by 12mm while the quartz beads measure 3mm.