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Description of gemstone is as stated in the attached Appraisal Certification, which will be given together with the gemstone upon purchase.

Location: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

Lapidaries: In-house

Influence: Prosperity, Health.

Element: Earth

Numerology: With our years of experience in numerology, this gemstone can be used by everyone, suitable for all numbers. It is an exceptional for those who are born on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th or with the whole number 3.

Sinhalite (SIN-ah-lite) is one of the more recently discovered gemstone, since its true nature was revealed and was adequately described in the early 1950's. It was long thought to be a brown variety of peridot.

They called it sinhalite, after the Sanskrit name "Sinhala", for Sri Lanka, in which country the stone was found. It was shown to be a magnesium-aluminum borate, expressed by the formula MgAlBO4. Later, tiny crystals were identified in a primary deposit in a contact-metamorphosed limestone in Warren County, New York. Prior to this time, the only known specimens were those that had already been cut.

Sinhalite can be considered rare as not much of the mineral can be cut into gemstone.