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Description of gemstone is as stated in the attached Appraisal Certification, which will be given together with the gemstone upon purchase.

Location: Muzaffarabad District, Azad Jammu, Kashmir, Pakistan.

Lapidaries: In-house 

Influence: Protection, Awareness, Discipline, Love, Forgiveness.

Element: Wind, Earth

Numerology: With our years of experience in numerology, this gemstone is good for people who are born on the 8th, 17th, and 26th of any month. Also for people with whole number 8. This very unique Gem can also be used by people with whole number or date of 1.

This is another of my favourite. Sapphire crystals are very rare from this obscure Pakistan area, known to have mine only a few specimens. This gorgeous rich in colour crystallised corundum are aesthetically starkly. We decided to facet it simply oval shape to bring out it's beauty. Natural without human's intervention in enhancement. A gem which can only be appreciated by a few.

Influence and Vibes: The seeker of truth with love and purity, it is extremely effective for healing and helps facilitates self-expression. While it's bi influence are a powerful shield against psychic attack and vampirism of heart energy. It is also known to be an aid in retaining wealth and passion, also promotes dynamic leadership.

Blue Sapphire can be used to eliminate unwanted thoughts and bring happiness and peace through open will.  Sapphire also brings light and joy to users/wearers, with beauty and depth of thought.

Sapphire, also known as the "stone of success", bears the gift of life, eliminates frustration and fulfils the dreams and desire of consciousness.  It does not need your consciousness to activate, it can focus, emit and radiate energy by itself.

Sapphire is used to treat blood-related diseases such as hemostasis and strengthening of blood vessels,  It is also used in cellular diseases and to bring co-operative energy to the cellular level.