Ruby var. Corundum

Ruby var. Corundum

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Specimen: Ruby on Marble Matrix.

Location: Jegdalek, Surobi, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Influence: Life Force, Courage, Passion, Strength, Enthusiasm, Adventurousness, Protectiveness, etc.

Element: Fire

At a glance one may identify this specimen as "Spinel". On a close look at the surface formation and hardness test, the outcome is a definite RUBY. An aesthetic piece of specimen on a white base marble matrix, this are not the typical hexagonal formation of corundum, yet some of this did occur in isometric formation namely from vietnam and afghanistan. This particular piece are a classic occurrence from jegdalek mine. 

The different in other ruby are either glass/led filled or heated and they is shade of green or blue combination, while this is just RED. One of our favourite piece for this we attached extra picture for your pleasure. Two picture are take using longwave and shortwave ultraviolet light.

Size: Mineral: 5 x 4 x 2.5 cm (Main Ruby: 11 x 16 mm)