Pentagonite Yugawaralith

Pentagonite Yugawaralith

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Specimen: Pentagonite with Yugawaralith

Location: Malad, Maharashtra, India.

Element: Metal

Influence: Expansion, Recognition, Credited, Exposure, Love, etc.

Yugawaralith is one of the rarest mineral from India. This mineral is often mistaken as heulandite or apophyllite blade.This single piece of colourless blade sitting above the pentagonite is a rare combination. If one carefully look into this specimen, you can also find a nice pice of calcite hidden among  the micro stilbite. 

Pentagonites are more often than not identified as cavansite. Pentagonite structures are different and its blades are elongated and mostly razor-sharp. Here is an aggregate of pentagonite floater on micro stilbite and appears to have grown comfortably over time.  A brilliant neon royal blue and is of an exquisite quality specimen to own. 

Accompanied with a custom-made stand, with our compliments.

Size: 6 x 3.5 x 5 cm