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Description of gemstone is as stated in the attached Appraisal Certification, which will be given together with the gemstone upon purchase.

Location: Madagascar

Lapidaries: Unknown  

Numerology: Suitable for all, best for those who are born on 5, 14, 23 of any month or have a total number of single digit 5 by adding up all the numbers in their date of birth.

We have been to four gemologist but unfortunately, all are not sure what this rare piece is. We finally send it to our favourite gemologist, who is professional and honest to ask for extra time to access this rare gemstone and came back with a positive result.

Grandidierite is an extremely rare mineral and gem that was first discovered in 1902 in southern Madagascar. Named by A. Lacroix in 1902 in honor of Alfred Grandidier (20 December 1836, Paris, France - 13 September 1912, Paris, France), French explorer and naturalist. He visited Madagascar three times between 1865-1870, crossing the island three times. With others, he wrote L'Histoire physique, naturelle et politique de Madagascar, a work spanning 40 volumes.

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