Elestial Quartz Generator

Elestial Quartz Generator

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Specimen: Elestial Quartz Generator

Influence: Energy Infusion from the higher realms, Divine Love, Angelic , Grounding, etc.

Location: Himalayan, Pakistan 

Element: Water

An aesthetic combination of habits make this an exceptional Elestial Quartz Generator specimen. Elestial Quartz combining with skeletal formation crystals are a rare find. It's unusual structure is an architect of nature.

This quartz shows multiple layers of growth, from the first generation with some inclusion in its flow with patches of probably mud in between the main body. The rainbow effects  on its body makes this piece a beauty with a unique  look.  

The crystal carries a frequency that structures and regulates energy, which can balance your well-being.

Specimen accompanied with a beautiful unique customised stand, with our compliments.

Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5.x 10.5 cm