Azurite Sun

Azurite Sun

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Specimen: Azurite on Matrix

Location: Malbunka Copper Mine, MacDonnell Region, Australia,

Element: Metal

Influence: Vision, Focus, Intuition, Intellect, etc

Azurite Sun, there has been about twenty five year gap in the availability of azurite specimens from the Malbunka Copper Mine. The azurite sun form between layers of Kaolinite. the aggregate was force to grow in a literally compressed, radiating manner. Very aesthetic and colourful specimen. The matrix pieces have wonderful contrast between a light tan and the rich blue azurite. The position of the azurite on matrix result in artistic geometric forms which sets them apart from other azurite localities. 

Accompanied with custom-made stand. Size: 9 x 7 x 7.5cm