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Specimen: Azurite on Malachite Matrix

Location: Seabra, Bahia, Brazil

Element: Metal

Influence: Vision, Focus, Intuition, Intellect, etc

Beautiful azurite on top of Malachite embedded on its matrix. A striking and aesthetic, mounded cluster of vivid blue azurite on layer of malachite botryoids from an uncommon locality Seabra, Bahia, Brazil. Until this find in the early 1990s we had not seen any azurite from Brazil.

Most of the botryoids are azurite sitting on it malachite base. this is the effect of pseudomorphing. one usually thinks of world-class gem pegmatite minerals are rare species from Brazil. So, to see an oxidised copper minerals from Brazil is truly unusual and rare. One may say that azurite are not rare specimen, yes we will not deny it. But the rarity for this piece is not base not the specimen, instead it is the location. These specimen came out of a small find and caused quite a stir, at the time. It will be a thing point oon the display cabinet.

Size: 5 x 4 x 2.5 cm