Auralite 23

Auralite 23

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Specimen : Amethyst with Iron Hematite cap.

Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Influence: Stability, Overcome Obstacle, growth, Healing, etc.

Element: Iron

A very unique piece of Auralite (amethyst) with a red cap or iron hematite on it. We provide a picture with the back light to show you the interesting things look in this piece. standing like a power tower on it's custom made stand.

Here is just some of what has been said about these crystals…

 The AURALITE-23 Crystal brings forth reminder of the positive connections from the self to other beings, to paths and ways of life, and to places that bring inner peace and serenity.

AURALITE-23 Crystal connects to its keeper like a twin spirit. This stone teaches that "All is as One", reminding of how alike one-another are to each other despite outer differences.

A stone that reads into its keeper's spirit, searching and highlighting that which could be improved, and that which can benefit from healing or clearance. AURALITE-23 Crystal will then give support and help to light the way to sources that can be of benefit once it has completed its search.

This is a stone that opens up the mind and spirit of the being, enough to recognize connections to the inner self, and to outer life, that are worthy of exploration and strengthening.

This piece of specimen is a must have piece for everyone but the sad part is the we can only offer one for now.